Police Asks Parents to Monitor Children Playing Minecraft, Scoop On How to Make the Game Safer, New Adventure Released!

The world of Minecraft allows the children to build their world with the help of building blocks that represent trees, water, stone. The players have to use these blocks to design shelters and weapons that are needed to protect against monsters in the night.

CNET has reported that Microsoft helps the players learn engineering, computer coding, architecture, math and also planning. There are children who love how the game lets them change the world with the use of programming. Little kids have gone on to create their own inventions after being inspired by the game.

Minecraft has come with their next adventure, Episode 5- Order Up that has Jesse, Olivia, Alex and Petra looking through a ruin after they get information about it from Ivor. After looking around, the four find themselves in a new HQ of the Order of the Stone where they have to search for a treasure known as the Eversource.

The world is a very special one where there are islands overhead that are floating in a void. Construction here is monitored very carefully and Jesse and his friends get into trouble the moment they arrive at the place.

Instead of letting out any more secrets from the new game, Gamezebo has reported that the players will find themselves at home here if they have enjoyed the previous episodes.

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