Pokemon Z to Release in 2017, Nintendo’s Present Focus Lies on Pokemon Sun and Moon Apart from Pokemon GO!

Fans are awaiting the release of the sequel to Pokemon X and Y. However, according to the reports, the so-called Pokemon Z might not release soon and furthermore, this game’s expected launch has been delayed. Reports indicate that the game will be rolling out next year instead.

BreatheCast reports that there is still no confirmed information regarding the upcoming sequel. Therefore, it is quite unlikely that this game will have a 2016 release. In the franchise, Pokemon GO is getting updates while the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon is slowly seeing a lot of leaks and details being teased online.

At the same time, it is not clear whether Pokemon Z will be a separate title or whether Nintendo plans to shift its next generation title to Pokemon Sun and Moon. According to earlier reports, Pokemon Sun and Moon will be the perfect sequel to Pokemon X and Y. Keeping in mind the current leaks and the seventh generation lineup rumors, everything seems to fall into place.

At the same time, Pokemon Sun and Moon faces a steady development and the latest reports indicate that the upcoming game will have a gameplay spanning over several regions. There will be three locations in real world places: Japan, France and New York.

There will be new starter and legendary ones to be revealed in the seventh generation lineup of Pokemon. While there are rumors and leaks about Pokemon Sun and Moon with Pokemon GOcropping up, the rumors involving Pokemon Z are getting scarce.

Nintendo should think about concentrating more on this project and preparing for a 2017 release. Meanwhile, the company has probably planned the delay in order to release this game for the upcoming Nintendo NX console which has been further confirmed for 2017.

For a long time, Nintendo has been planning to release a follow-up game to Pokemon X and Y on the 3DS. ‘Pokemon X and Y’was pretty successful and users are eagerly waiting for the sequel to release. The upcoming game will be called Pokemon Z and fans expected that it would be announced during Nintendo’s Direct Event.

Sadly for the fans, Pokemon Z was not at all mentioned. This led to speculations suggesting that this rumored Pokemon game will not be releasing this year since Nintendo is quite busy working on different Pokemon projects.

The Electronic Entertainment Company will be celebrating its 20th anniversary this year and people expected Pokemon Z to be included in the line-up along with a lot of new surprises. Nintendo has quite a major schedule ahead of them with the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon coming up, which is further scheduled for a series of previews on CoroCoro.

At the same time, Pokemon GO will be the first augmented reality game designed for smartphones. This game is presently under beta testing and fans expect its release date pushed back. The game will possibly release next year.

According to the worst possible scenario, Pokemon Z could be dropped completely. NeuroGadget said that it might be too early to come to that conclusion. It was earlier reported in the same website that the Nintendo 3DS platform had Pokemon Z listed in it for a 2016 release.