Pokémon Sun And Moon Details Leaked, Host Of New Pokémon Revealed, Players Excited To Read Abilities Of New Pokémon

There is a new feature in the upcoming game called the Pokémon Bank, where the players will be able to transfer their Pokémon from the original trio to Sun and Moon. A new battle format called the Battle Royal was also revealed at the E3 2016. This battle format is going to allow four Trainers to battle at the same time.

Each of the players will get the chance to select three Pokémon and make them enter the field one at a time. The battle ends when all the three Pokémon belonging to one of the Trainers faint. The remaining Trainer will get to be ranked depending on the performance of the Pokémon he had selected.

Pokémon Sun and Moon will allow the players to choose one of the three special Pokémon as their first partner. The three special Pokémon include Litten, Rowlet, and Popplio. Litten is a Fire Cat Pokémon whose fur is rich in oil and hence is inflammable.

Rowlet is the Grass Quill Pokémon who can sneak up on an opponent unseen and is known for the powerful kicks. The Rowlet can also turn its neck at 180 degrees. Popplio is a Sea Lion Pokémon who can create water balloons with its nose and can move fast on land and swim as well.

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