Pokémon Go: Latest Rumors and Updates, No Specific Release Date in Sight!

Players will also be able to locate Gyms in their surroundings within the game. However, Gyms will be harder to find compared to the Pokémon.

It has also been confirmed that the developers will not incorporate any kinds of ads within the game. It means that it will not be needed by players to spend real money in microtransactions.

The Pokémon GO Plus wearable device will act as an alternative to the smartphone. It will enable players to keep track of Pokémon in their surroundings without having to check their phones again and again.

No specific release date for the game has yet been announced by the developers. However, it has been confirmed that it will be rolled out within the ongoing year. CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara also revealed that the company is working on another big project aside from Pokémon GO.

However, he did not divulge any specific details about this other big project of the company. Fans have already started speculating whether Ishihara was hinting towards another Pokémon game that is set to release in 2016- Pokémon Z.

Pokémon Z will be the sequel to the earlier released games of the franchise- Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. Both these games were released back in 2013.

Stay tuned for more update on Pokémon GO.