Kingdom Hearts 3: To Feature Three Playable Characters and Modified Battle System, Rumored to Release This Year, And More Details

The Kingdom Hearts franchise of video games is immensely popular in the world of gaming. The next addition to this renowned franchise is going to be Kingdom Hearts 3 and various rumors about the upcoming game have already started floating around the internet.

The latest batch of rumors regarding the game suggest that there might be a delay in its release. The reason for this as stated by a renowned website is that the developers of the game and Disney are having trouble working in collaboration with each other. For the uninitiated, Kingdom Hearts 3 is being developed by Square Enix.

It has often been seen that several Disney characters make appearance in Kingdom Hearts games and thus it could be understood that Disney is also somewhat involved in the development process of the game. Apparently, Disney and Square Enix are finding it difficult to come to terms with each other and this might reportedly cause a delay in the release of the game.

Rumors about a Kingdom Hearts 3 TV show are also doing rounds on the internet. The TV show which reportedly has been canned will supposedly feature a new world from Disney in it. The development process of the show was started but it was later canned due to some reasons.

The adventures of Sora, the main character of Kingdom Hearts franchise, was once made into a TV adaptation. Kevin Monroe was the person who worked on the TV adaptation of Sora. Various reports claim that it is Monroe from whom the news of the canned TV show came in the first place.

Monroe has also been known to be involved in the development process of a Jungle Book world and this has sparked rumors that a Jungle Book world could make an appearance in the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3.

The idea of inclusion of a Jungle Book world in a Kingdom Hearts game has already been considered in the past. Back in 2010, the developers of Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep thought of incorporating a Jungle Book world into it. However, the idea remained from being materialized due to some unknown reasons.

A live-action remake of Jungle Book will be released by Disney in the coming month of April. Speculations are running wild whether the developers of Kingdom Hearts 3 would actually incorporate a Jungle Book world into the upcoming game.

Yibada recently reported that the upcoming game will come with three playable characters. The battle system of the game will also be modified by the developers and it will have a new feel to it.

Tetsuya Nomura, the director of the game, had previously hinted towards the fact that the game might feature multiple playable characters. He also stated that fans will have the capability to control at least three characters in the game. However, Nomura did not divulge any specific details regarding which characters players will be able to control in the game.

It has already been seen that two playable characters were present in Kingdom Hearts 2. These were the protagonist Sora and his Nobody Roxas. Fans can also expect to find multiple Keyblade users in the upcoming game.

In Kingdom Hearts 3, players will find themselves going head to head with a new organization which is titled Organization XIII. This organization runs under the rule of Xenahort.

As for the modifications to the battle system, Nomura explained that they will work towards improving the battle system of the game. He further added that most of the modifications are his own ideas.

Nomura also said that the developers have made use of new and more advanced hardware to bring about the modifications to the battle system and enhance it. The transformations of keyblade will be connected to the main storyline in the upcoming game.