Plus size model Ashley Graham lands Vogue

Plus size model Ashley Graham finally lands her first cover for Vogue. The 28-year old model proved her detractors wrong that she’ll never make it to a cover. She will be the opening salvo of British Vogue for 2017 and probably marking the much-awaited diversity of cover models.As

For a decade, she is confined to the glossy prints of catalogues. She was stereotyped to this kind of modeling until the wonderful Vogue opportunity knocked her door.

According to Graham, her pretty face must have been the key which opened doors for her magazine covers. Since being with IGM, she already did five covers in just a year. Yet, her ultimate goal in doing these covers is to get invited back – possibly for another opportunity to do covers with them again.

Doing more covers for other magazines will let Graham stay longer in the industry – as what she’s wishing for. In one of her interviews, she was quoted “Look, I hit the beauty jackpot, I get it, but that’s not enough, you’ve got to have more to have longevity in this business. It’s always been, ‘OK, so what can I do now?'”

Although she dislikes the term plus size being connected to models like her because of its seemingly divisive meaning, she’s actually grateful for being one. But she does hope that there would be other labels for them – perhaps something less divisive.

Back in the old days, Ashley Graham also wished she was slimmer. One probable reason may be connected to her modeling dreams. But because of what’s happening with her career these current days, she could only be thankful to God of her size. A lot of her victories are so connected to it. Graham has learned to be contented with her size and she has become happy with it.

The model even claimed that she haven’t lost a pound for a year. She has become heavier today than what she was three years back. Although she’s doing workout routines, those are for maintaining her health and not in anyway directed towards weight-loss.

Ashley Graham is again subjected to the fierce public eyes. Criticisms are again hurled against her – obviously because of her size. But because she has embraced who she is, she has also learned to use her size not only to advance her career but also to become a voice for other plus size women. She is actually making a plus size difference!