Players Explore Underwater World With Abzu, Controls Can Be Problematic, Game Based On Exploration And Not Combat

Abzu doesn’t have any voice in it. The Diver connects with the outside world with the help of Sonic and the game doesn’t take a couple of hours to complete. The most important part of Abzu isn’t the story, but the world in it.

Every part of the ocean floor is teeming with ocean life. The game is bright and colorful and the need to experience this is one of the main criteria for playing Abzu.

According to Stripes, the controls for the game are a little weird, but the player can always make changes to them in the menu section. The diver can be sent burrowing underwater with the right trigger.

The left control stick changes the tilt of the swimming trajectory. Pulling it up will send the diver down while pulling it back makes the swimmer tilt up. The camera depends on the right control stick and it works in the same fashion as the swimming tilt.

A lot has been written about the beautiful setting for Abzu, but some players feel that the underwater flora and fauna often look unnatural.

Abzu is available on PS4, NVIDIA’s Shield devices and also the PC. There are plans of releasing the device on Android and iOS platforms as well.

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