PewDiePie is planning to DELETE his YouTube channel

Felix Kjellberg also knows as PewDiePie is the top-subscribed youtuber. His popularity contains over 49 million fans all over the world. Recently, he revealed that he is going to delete his youtube channel when he reaches 50 million subscribers.

PewDiePie published a video on December 3rd to inform his fans that he is going to delete his YouTube channel when he gets 50 million subscribers. He clearly stated,

“I’m going to delete my youtube channel because i think it will be pretty fun, I’m probably going to start a new sh*tty channel as a fresh start”.

The reason why he is doing this

PewDiePie claims that this is all because of YouTube’s recent changes in their algorithm. This new algorithm is leading the users to ads and links to clickbait videos, and not to channels they have previously subscribed to, or things that they are interested in.

His fans actually think that their star is planning a clever PR stunt. PewDiePie now has 49,974,112 subscribers, and he is pretty close to getting 50 million soon. His requests to YouTube about their algorithm are erupting. He defines that YouTube now promotes clickbait videos and not the videos that value the most. The reason for this statement and why he thinks they want to “kill” his channel is because on some of his videos he has below 2 million views. Which is pretty low for a legendary Youtuber like himself.

PewDiePie is under a great amount of stress lately because of what YouTube is doing with their algorithm about clickbait videos, and some of his fans also informed us that he thinks that YouTube is racist upon white people in their attempt to kill his channel.

His fans think that this is his plan of promoting his channel for more subscribers. “He knows exactly what he is doing” – their brief. Everyone wants to see what he will do when he reaches 50 million and nowadays his subscribers are increasing every minute. Some of his fans also think that he is just trolling his haters and he will not actually delete his channel after achieving his goal.

PewDiePie tweets about how close is he to getting 50 million.

Another tweet, this time with a frog emoji which means he is sarcastic that YouTube is digging into the issues.

YouTube’s Response

YouTube’s spokesperson reported that no changes are going to be made that would affect video views. They said that some creators are concerned about their subscriber count loss. We also heard that in their statements YouTube informs that they reviewed the issue and there was no decrease in creators subscribers number more than usual. This is what happens normally when people unsubscribe from a channel or when YouTube removes spamming subscribers.

This is what they do to ensure that all creator subscriber numbers are accurate. – Youtube’s Explanation.