Pete’s Dragon One Of The Best Movies This Summer, Bryce Dallas Howard Hit Robert Redford like a Cannon

Suicide Squad appeared to be a hodgepodge of a film while Barry Sonnenfeld’s Nine Lives was a disappointment as well. After all this, Pete’s Dragon was a refreshing addition this year. David Lowery, the Indie director, nailed it with this movie.

The creative success of this project was possible because of the creative control that was that was given to Lowery. Disney’s Pete’s Dragon and Sony’s Sausage Party clearly showed that studios are still powerful enough to present a strong commercial product which is confidently mounted and stunningly creative at the same time.

If these films win over audiences, Hollywood execs should be inspired to think out-of-the-box and take the risks needed to keep the medium alive and kicking.

Meanwhile for the first time, Bryce Dallas Howard and Robert Redford met on the set of Pete’s Dragon; and she knocked into him like a cannonball.

The 35-year old actress told that it was a scene where they were supposed to run towards each other. While running, Bryce got excited and started picking up speed. While going at such high speeds, she tried to stop and finally crashed into Redford. Redford said that she came at him like a cannonball.

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