Pearl Mackie Set To Be The New Companion In Doctor Who Season 10, Matt Lucas Coming Back, Future Of The Paternoster Gang Unsure!

Nardole had lost his head to Hydroflax in the last Christmas special, but the character from Mendorax Dellora did enjoy the last laugh. He used the King’s suit to survive and is now going to be back for some new adventure in the upcoming season of Doctor Who. According to Enstarz, Matt Lucas is very excited to be a part of Season 10 and has even shared a video from the first day of the shoot.

Matt Lucas is one the best comic actors and the fans are excited to have him back on the series. Season 10 going to be the last season with Steven Moffat in the lead, and hence there are many expectations for the tenth season.

Fans of the Paternoster Gang, comprising of Jenny (Catrin Stewart), Strax (Dan Starkey) and Madame Vastra (Neve McIntosh) are scared that with Steven Moffat leaving the show, it might be the end of their time in Doctor Who. The Paternoster Gang had become quite a fan favorite, and they owe their presence in the series to Steven Moffat.

Catrin Stewart spoke to Digital Spy and said that she was hopeful of being a part of Doctor Who Season 10 since that would be the last season for Moffat. She knew there was a demand for the Gang’s series, but she isn’t aware of BBC being a part of any such talks. Stewart herself didn’t know the fate of the Paternoster Gang and promised to get back once she had a clearer idea.

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