Orphan Black Season 4: Filming Commences, Synopsis, Character Speculations And More News

Season 3 instead of focusing on Sarah trying to find out answers alone, away from her other clones, was replaced by farcical situations of cloned football moms. This wasn’t well executed at all and fans felt that it spoiled the whole aura of the season and wasn’t required at all.

Tatiana Maslany got her first Emmy nomination this year, but she is not focusing too much on that and is back on the sets of Orphan Black Season 4. Director John Fawcett shared a photo from the set. The photo has the director, Maslany in the make-up of the deranged Helena and Kristian Brunn in the role of Donnie Hendrix.

BBC America has also revealed that Orphan Black Season 4 is going to see popular Canadian actor Joel Thomas Hynes in the role of a hacker. With a new character being added, fans have observed that in the list of cast, BBC America never mentioned the name of Michiel Huisman, who plays the role of Cal and there are speculations if that indicates he has been removed from the upcoming season.

With Orphan Black Season 4 set to return next year, co-creator of the series Graeme Manson spoke to The Hollywood Reported. He revealed details about the role of Delphine Cormier (Evelyne Brochu).

Manson said that the writes wanted to develop a very powerful list of characters in the new season. This was when they came out with the idea to get back Delphine. He also added that if they bring her in then they will have to create a logical back story to explain how she survived the gun shot.

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