Orphan Black Season 4: Filming Commences, Synopsis, Character Speculations And More News

The production for BBC’s Orphan Black Season 4 has already started. The fans are going to be happy to know that the popular sci-fi series has been renewed for the fourth season. The shooting for Orphan Black Season 4 is taking place in Toronto until March of next year, when the series is going to be released.

The series that deals with human cloning has become popular and the lead actress Tatiana Maslany has won quite a few accolades for her portrayal of almost 10 different characters on screen.

Orphan Black deals with the issue of human enhancement and follows the notion that cloning will allow the human generation to improve with the help of modern technology. The show brings together the political, religious issues of cloning along with the scientific aspect and deals with the way the human clones struggle with their identity.

Written by Graeme Manson, with John Fawcett in the director’s chair, Orphan Black has won the hearts of the viewers since its first season and now with the fourth season on, things are set to get more and more interesting.

According to the synopsis that BBC has released, Orphan Black Season 4 is going to have Sarah coming out of her Icelandic hideout to pursue an ally that is tied to a clone, which started everything. Sarah will follow Beth Child in a terrifying direction and she is going to encounter some dangerous people on the way.

Sarah will desperately try to keep the sisterhood safe, however, when all the sisters are faced with dangerous consequences, Sarah starts behaving in her old manner. She moves away from the people who have given her life a new and better direction with their love.

Orphan Black Season 3 unearthed more about the dangerous Neolutionists as well as the origin of the clones. With Beth Child being the focus of the upcoming season, fans are happy that the season is going to try and answer the questions that were formed after Season 3.

At the end of Season 3, the clones under Project Leda also find out that they aren’t the only cones around town. There are other male clones as well under Project Castor that is being handled by the military.

The creators of the show didn’t just end there. They also mentioned that the fact that these two groups of clones are also related to each other. The theory holds that Project Leda and Project Castor had their original source in a pair of siblings. The source for this is Kendall Malone, who is the mother of Mrs. S.

The Neolutionists who were first introduced in Season 1 of orphan Black were back in Season 3. They don’t just come back, they bring back the once thought dead Susan Duncan. Duncan also returns with enough Neolution power to manipulate her daughter Rachel’s kidnapping and rescue.

Orphan Black Season 3 branched out to bring in stories from all possible angles, shifting the focus from Sarah, who is the central figure. This treatment of plot wasn’t liked by the fans since the story became confusing.