OnePlus Two Rumored to Release within October 2015, More Details

OnePlus, currently a world famous name, is a Chinese Smartphone Manufacturer who last year, released a flagship killer. Rumors indicate that they might be launching their next flagship device soon, either in September or October this year. This announcement was issued by OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei, when he was asked as to why there were no updates at all about OnePlus Two, at the company’s ‘Time to Change’ event on 1st June, according to Christian Today.

According to Pei, OnePlus Two has already been quite overdue for a release. He said that the makers are working hard to make sure that OnePlus Two is designed carefully in order to live up to the reputation of its successor.

Carl Pei revealed that the ‘Time to Change’ teaser trailer which was released earlier has nothing to do with the upcoming launch of OnePlus Two. However, the OnePlus One 16GB Silk White variant and the 64GB Sandstone White variant will be available at $50 cheaper this week. Through flash sales, the 16GB and the 64GB models will be available at $249/£179 and $299/£219 respectively on the European and US markets.

In the meantime, the deal is expected to be introduced soon in Southeast Asia. This flash sale going on for a week, will start at 12pm GMT (8am EST) on 1 June, 2am GMT (10pm EST -1 day) on 2 June, 12pm GMT (8am EST) on 3 June, 2am GMT (10pm EST -1 day) on 4 June, 12pm GMT (8am EST) on 5 June, 2am GMT (10pm EST -1 day) on 6 June, and 12pm GMT (8am EST) on 7 June.

As a result, fans should expect yet another ‘flagship killer’. The June 1 event by the company was only to announce a major price cut in OnePlus One, by as much as $50, available as a limited-time offer. However, resourceful enthusiasts managed to figure out features, key details and specifications of the company’s upcoming flagship device.

Rumors indicate that the company’s next flagship will feature a 5.5nch display with an incredibly high 2560x1440p screen resolution. The rear end of the device will be metal, making it similar to present HTC and Samsung flagships. The rumors further indicate that OnePlus Two will have an Octa core Snapdragon 810 processor with 4GB of RAM. There will also be an included option to increase its memory through a micro-SD card slot up to 64GB. Further reports indicate that OnePlus Two will also feature a 16MP primary camera and a 5megapixel front camera like its predecessor, while including a wide angle lens.