Oneplus One: Quick Look At The Specs, Set To Receive Android Marshmallow Update!

A recent announcement by OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei stated that the android 6.0 upgrade will be released by Cyanogen OS for OnePlus One users early next year. Certain reports stated that an OxygenOS flavored Android Marshmallow community build version has been developed by the company for the device.

It should however be noted that the OxygenOS does not officially come with the OnePlus by default and thus the community build version will be made available for the device at a later time.

The Oxygen ROM will also be made available for OnePlus One by OnePlus but the device will be receiving the Marshmallow update at some point followed by the release of the Cyanogen OS.

Carl Pei also stated that the OnePlus 2 is also set to receive the Marshmallow upgrade at around the same time as OnePLus One receives it. He further added that the Android Marshmallow upgrade will come with a brand new Marshmallow API for the device’s fingerprint sensor.

The company has decided against using a separate API for the fingerprint implementation of the OxygenOS and decided to go with a standard Marshmallow API instead.

Stay tuned for more update on OnePLus One.