No discovery of Flight MH370 remains while investigators try to establish links with Germanwings crash!

It showed that he had deleted a flight path to an island located in the Southern Indian Ocean. Questions have been raised whether he killed himself mid-flight. Rumors and speculations indicate that he was unhappy after a marital split and might have switched off the plane’s oxygen supply.

There are three theories regarding the disappearance of this aircraft. One theory suggests that it went north heading towards Kazakhstan. The Thai military radar confirmed that the plane first turned west, followed by north.

Another theory claims that the plane went west to a British-owned island in the Indian Ocean known as Diego-Garcia. The surrounding islanders in that area claimed that they saw a low-flying plane in the area. The third report claims that the aircraft went headed south over the ocean off Australia, where the search is mainly concentrated.

In the meantime, the investigators are examining striking similarities between the crashes of Flight MH370, Mozambique Airlines flight TM470, and the Germanwings disaster. Investigators are wondering if the deliberate crash by Germanwings pilot was inspired by the other two mishaps.

Mass murder and suicides remain two of the greatest possibilities behind the disappearance of Flight MH370. The Malaysian Police have cleared all the other passengers of any suspicious motives and have identified Captain Zaharie Shah as the prime suspect.

What do you think happened to Flight MH370? Stay tuned for more shocking updates regarding its disappearance!