Nick and Hank Tackle a Wesen Preacher, Renard Takes Drastic Steps in Grimm Season 5, Series Renewed by NBC!

The upcoming episode of Grimm Season 5 will be see Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) going to meet an Evangelical preacher (William Mapother) who turns into a devil. The official synopsis of the episode states that the minister has been attracting true believers to his revival tent by using his Wesen Identity.

Nick and Hank are shown to literally take the preacher down in the teaser for episode 16 of Grimm Season 5. However, things are not going to be easy since the believers are going to give their all to save the preacher and his followers.

The same episode will see Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz) take charge of the local government authority. Reports suggest that episode 16 of Grimm Season 5 is going to see Captain Renard take some steps to make sure that he does not lose the support of his voters, which will test his allegiance to Nick.

The previous episode had hinted that Renard is being controlled by some unknown authority. Eve (Bitsie Tulloch) is going to use Adalind’s (Claire Coffee) hat trick to try and get some access to the Black Claw, which is believed to be controlling Renard.

Eve had brought to notice that Renard might be controlled, in the last episode and Nick couldn’t try and check on this information since his presence would make it evident that he is on to something.

Carter Matt has reported that the upcoming episode of the Grimm Season 5 is going to be crazy since the fans will be able to see a preacher transforming into the devil himself. There is a slight similarity between the upcoming episode and the horror thriller, The Rite,directed by Mikael Hafstrom.

The film also showed a priest being possessed by the demon, Baal. There has been no official information on how the devil will possess the priest and would corrupt the faith of the believers. Viewers will have to watch episode 16 of Grimm Season 5 to find that out.

According to Fashion n Style, the next episode titled ‘The Believer,’ will show Nick heading to arrest the Wesen since he is using his secret identity to pretend that he is being possessed by a demon.

What he is actually doing is, he is transforming into his original Wesenform and then going on to stage an elaborate ritual. He is using it to show his believers the power of the Christian God, who helps him in overcoming the demon that is trying to inhabit his body.

NBC has also released the official synopsis for episode 17 titled ‘ The Taming of the Wu’ where Sergeant Drew Wu (Reggie Lee) is going to be bitten by a Wesen and then ends up getting into an argument, which will end up causing a lot of trouble for him.

Adalind has so far not enjoyed much screen space, but reports suggest that she will be back for episode 17 and end up meeting a strange man who goes by the name Bonaparte. She will also be faced with a difficult decision that might jeopardize her relationship with Nick.

This episode will also show Eve who had used her Hexenbiest powers to infiltrate into the secret organization that was controlling Renard. She will gather some information that will end up jeopardizing the entire operation that the organization has planned ahead. There is hardly any dull moment in the action packed series.