New Patch For Rainbow Six Siege Introduces Punishment For Team Killers, Players Can Get Banned Permanently, Re-Balances The Pulse Gadgets!

Rainbow Six Siege has made a significant number of changes in the new patch. The patch is version 3.4, and it is going to pack in some interesting thing for the fans. Numerous things have been changed in the Rainbow Six Siege 3.4 patch; the most interesting is the feature that allows team killers to be punished. This is not where the fun stops; there is severe punishment for repeat offenders in the game!

There has been a tradition of trolls in the video game community, who take immense pleasure in killing off their teammates for the sake of enjoyment. As Game Rant reported, there have been players who would harm their teammates because they didn’t agree with the policy that the team was working with or wanted a bigger share of the bounty and hence would try and eliminate as many teammates as possible.

For the players who feel that they could go away with killing their teammates in Rainbow Six Siege, things have started to look pretty glum. There are numerous occasions where the players might mistakenly end up shooting one of his teammates.

Previously this might not have caused much of an issue, but with the new patch for Rainbow Six Siege, the players who repeatedly kill their people might get banned from matchmaking permanently.

According to VG247, the first time a player makes an offense, he is kicked out from the match if he is a casual player. If the player is ranked, then he is banned from the match for 15 minutes. The second offense will cost the player 30 minutes from the matchmaking. The third would keep him out for two hours and then for an entire day. The fifth and final offense will cause the player to sit out of the match for seven days.

Ubisoft has come out to state that the verdict of the offense will be rendered keeping in mind the circumstances. There is a chance that the final decision could be a little different from what is stated in the manual.

Rainbow Six Siege is a team game and if there are players who do not want to be a team player, they will either have to suffer the consequences of their action or simply choose another game. Ubisoft has reported that depending on the severity of the offense, there is a chance that a player can be permanently banned from the game.

This policy of punishing team killers isn’t the same policy that Ubisoft follows for cheaters. Ubisoft has always employed a very strict policy for cheaters, and that involves permanent ban after the first offense. This policy of Ubisoft is being used in Rainbow Six Siege and is similar to the one adopted by Blizzard Entertainment in Overwatch.

Apart from introducing the punishment for team killers, the 3.4 patch for Rainbow Six Siege has also introduced a lot of bug fixes. There are several adjustments, some of which include the removing ban on accessing the Casual play menu when a player is banned. There is a fix for some of the weapons that are used by the players.

The new patch for Rainbow Six Siege has also fixed the problem where the weapons of the players who are killed would float in the air, the one where the weapon would disappear when the pickup animation is canceled. The patch has re-balanced the Pulse completely. There were numerous occasions where the player was thrown off-guard while using the gadget and the developers wanted to address this issue.