Nets Sign Up Jeremy Lin For $36 Million For Three Seasons, Expect A Nets Backcourt With Johnson And Lin!

It seems like Jeremy Lin is going to be back in New York, but it won’t be with the New York Knicks. Jeremy Lin might have made his mark with the Knicks, but they didn’t want him this season. However, being a free agent, Jeremy Lin had a lot of options, and he was finally picked by the New York Nets.

Jeremy Lin had previously been with the Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Lakers and Charlotte Hornets after the New York Knicks refused to extend his contract. The Nets are desperate this time since they have been performing abysmally every season and are out to make amends for the next season.

The Linsanity might have lost its grip, and things might not be as exciting as it was when he had just started out, but Jeremy Lin has always enjoyed a huge fan base in Brooklyn, and he is going to lap it all for sure when he starts playing with the New York Nets.

According to The New York Times, the Nets have lost 61 games as against a 21 that they have won. The supporters of the team were in such a bad shape that they would sit in their home games at Barclays Center and cheer for the opponent side since there was never any chance of the home team winning.

Sean Marks, the new man at the helm of the team is out to rectify the debacle that took place in the team when Billy King was there. The Nets decided to get Jeremy Lin with $36 million for the next three seasons, with Lin getting the player option for the final year. The team had a $55 million cap, but they didn’t shy away from the point guard.

Some players weren’t very happy with this move of the Nets; of getting Jeremy Lin in with such a lot of money. CBS Local reported that when the news was made official, Jarrett Jack, who was surrendered from the team since they wanted to save the $5.8 million in salary cap space, sent out a post on Twitter, which was a resounding laugh. He has later come out to make it clear that the laugh had nothing to do with Jeremy Lin, and he was only laughing off the criticisms that were directed towards him.

Jeremy Lin made a great entry into the basketball scene in 2011-12 under Mike D’Antoni in New York Knicks. Lin turned out to become one of the most popular players in the team because of his style and the kind of game he engaged in.

The Knicks needed to give something to their dwindling supporters, and Linsanity was what they needed.

However, the flight to success was short lived since Jeremy Lin ended up with a knee injury, which didn’t stop him from playing the game, but he never quite performed as he would once and Knick didn’t want him on their side anymore.

The fans of the Nets are super excited with the signing of Jeremy Lin since they can imagine a great partnership between recruit Lin and Tyler Johnson. Johnson had been a part of the Miami Heat for the past two seasons, and he now has a $50 million four-year deal with the Nets.

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