Netflix Plans To Absorb Popcorn Time, Last Minute Compromise Resulted In $40 Million Reduction in Price Offered, And Details

The developers have declared that Popcorn Time won’t change. On the contrary, it will be the same application that people have come to love over the last year. On a happier note, working with Netflix means that Popcorn Time will be able to develop updates and ensure faster fixes while introducing new features on a regular basis.

From now on, the onward development of Popcorn Time will be enhanced by the creative expertise and technical input of Netflix Engineers and designers. Meanwhile, the present team will continue to work on the project while meeting the growing demands of Popcorn Time users.

Popcorn Time stated that their primary objective was all about bringing the latest content at home as fast as possible along with great features loved by users. Reports suggest that the deal will be closed within a few days. However, TF sources revealed that the deal was about to collapse last month!

Inside sources indicate that Netflix negotiators wanted the open source to become a closed-source project during all its future releases. In the end, an outraged team threatened to pull out while rejecting the original $50 million offer. In the end, there was a compromise that resulted in a massive reduction of $40 million.

In other news, a Danish law firm known as Njord declared that it has recently sent hundreds of fresh warnings to Popcorn Time users suspected of watching Dallas Buyers Club, through this popular free streaming service.

Stay tuned for more updates on Popcorn Time!