Need for Speed: Requires Standard Internet Connectivity for Gaming, Introduction of ‘Icons’ and a Unique Rewarding System!

Each one of these modes promises a unique experience for the gamers. In the meantime, you can expect photorealistic visuals since EA Ghost is being permitted by Frostbite to do some really innovative stuff in the aspects of blending in-game aspects and live-action.

Ventura Bay will form the backdrop this time and through Autoblog innovations, cities will be transformed into complete automotive playgrounds.

Customization will reach an all-new level as every part of the vehicle can be tweaked or changed cosmetically like body kits, window tints, rims, spoilers and much more. The depth in your customization will affect handling as well since there are 24 different variables to change from tire traction to spring stiffness, brake bias, and downforce.

In the upcoming Need for Speed, Magnus Walker will act as your speed icon, Ken Block will be your Style Icon, and Nakai-San will be the build icon, Morohoshi-San as the outlaw icon and Risky Devil as the crew icon.

Walker is a character to collects and restores old Porsche 911s and is primarily known for his high-speed driving while Ken Block is known for his aggressive riding, which his YouTube Gymkhana videos bear witness to.

Stay tuned for more updates on Need for Speed!