Need for Speed: Requires Standard Internet Connectivity for Gaming, Introduction of ‘Icons’ and a Unique Rewarding System!

Before E3, EA Games confirmed through Twitter that the Need for Speed Reboot that is being developed by Ghost Games will require an always-on internet connection in order to play the different kinds of game modes.

However, the fans on the game-floor and the press conference weren’t provided a lot of assurance in order to replay satisfyingly to fan concerns.

In the coming Gamescom, EA will finally provide some details on the rewarding experience that has been planned by EA. From the looks of it, EA has done this to justify the mandatory internet connection for single-player as well as multiplayer gameplay.

According to the official declaration, “NFS will require an online connection, but the benefits are nice. More variety and a more rewarding experience with friends. — Need for Speed (@NeedforSpeed) May 28, 2015. In the past, EA titles have required an internet connection so that the company can be satisfied with their DRM protection. Sadly, in several cases, this has severely blocked the launch of some of their most-anticipated titles.

The titles which mainly offer a single-player gaming experience like the reboot of SimCity has suffered the most. In most of the cases, gamers have reacted negatively to always-on internet connections due to various problems like accessibility concerns, logistical realities of potential connection issues and data limits which are enforced by various ISPs.

If it is mandatory for consumers to have an always-on internet connection for their game, there must be essential features that satisfy such a mandate. Through GamesRadar, Marcus Nilsson, the Executive Producer of Need for Speed talked about the various reasons in Need for Speed for always-on Internet connection, on The Official Xbox Magazine.

He further talked about the new generation gameplay experience promised by this upcoming title. According to him, Autoblog has been pretty useful and interesting feature over the years and this time, EA is ready to give it more of a human voice. He said that Autoblog will treat you friend’s gameplay like if it’s part of the narrative experience.

Besides the ‘almighty’ Autoblog, Nilsson also talked about a perfect image sharing system that needs the presence of an internet connection. According to him, the game will feature a new snapshot system that takes a lot of pictures at various moments.

People can like them in the Need for Speed Network and in turn, these likes get converted into currency that is pushed back to your game. As a result, sharing photos ensure progression of your game. The built-in systems in Xbox for recording and streaming videos will come in handy for the developers.

‘Need For Speed’ has used a story-driven experience in their games from to time. No one will ever forget the awesome ‘Need for Speed: Most Wanted’ title that will never grow old in the hearts of hardcore racing gamers and NFS fans. Need for Speed: The Run further pushed this concept to a great limit and still remains one of the best games in the NFS franchise.

In the upcoming Need for Speed, you play the role of a young racer who enters the nighttime world of illegal street racing which is quite a simple concept but promises a major experience. There are various supporting characters who communicate with you directly through social media pop-ups when you are racing around the city.

The most striking phenomenon of this title is the presence of a live-action footage system that relates the story to us. It has also been revealed that 5 of the most famous biggest racing icons will be a part of this game.

They are Magnus Walker, Nakai, Ken Block, Morohoshi and Risky Devil (drift crew). They are individually associated with different kinds of gameplay like outlaw, build, crew, style and speed.