NCIS: New Orleans Season 3 Delayed

“NCIS: New Orleans” Season 3 is taking a short break after episode 9 which was aired on December 13. Episode 10 will be aired on January 3, after a two-week layoff. Last week was the first week of this short break.

During the first half of the season, we found out that FBI Agent Tammy Gregorio (Vanessa Ferlito) became increasingly attached to her new colleagues in New Orleans. In a twist we didn’t see coming, used to be in a relationship with a woman. We also saw that Agent LaSalle (Lucas Black) really wasn’t the father of baby Tucker.

So, what can we expect when NCIS return with new episodes next year?

Agent Brody returning to NCIS?

Episode 9 is announced to be titled “Follow the money” and Episode 11 “Let it ride”. While NCIS fans are waiting for it, the series is quiet about the plot of next episodes.

But, there are a few hints. According to Blasting news, the episode will be tensed as usual. The first part of the Season 3 was dealing with the Cartel. The previous episodes have shown that connections to the Ciudad Natal Cartel may run deeper than anybody initially imagined. It is likely the cartel will be the main storyline, Blasting news announced.

The series’ executive producer, Brad Kern, said says there are “deeper wounds” that will soon be addressed, including an arc about city corruption. “The end of the Cartel storyline will hand the baton off to the second half which is going to deal with obviously the Navy, Marines and jurisdictional aspects that affect NCIS,” Kern adds.

He also said that Sebastian (Rob Kerkovich) will both be a special agent and forensic agent. He will be working in the lab, but will also take his skills to the field. “Sebastian is both an everyman who allows us to imagine ourselves as an NCIS agent, and to see some lightheartedness in the show too”, Kern says. “It’ll be a lot fun.”

He also emphasized that agent Brody wasn’t coming back. “This rumor doesn’t seem to want to die, but there are no plans for Agent Brody to return”, Kern said.

Despite the public’s curiosity on further plot,┬áKern just says, “I guess the best way to say is -Stay tuned.”