MTV Trying to Pursue Chelsea to Let Them Air Her Wedding Ceremony On Teen Mom 2, Jenelle Addresses Rumors!

Things are getting pretty heated in Teen Mom 2. MTV has reported that Chelsea and her ex- boyfriend, Adam have been fighting over the custody of their daughter, Aubree for a long time now. However, it has been reported that the coming episode of Teen Mom 2 will show Chelsea has decided to take things into her hand and will proceed with another legal issue.

Chelsea is going to go ahead and try to adjust the payment of her child support by Adam. Even though the issue didn’t need Chelsea and Adam to head to court, the two have always been unable to deal with such situation and prefer going with legal advice.

When Chelsea was asked how she deals with situations concerning Adam, she said that she never thinks about the situation beforehand because if she puts too much of thought into it, she feels that she will go crazy.

Chelsea is likely to get married in Teen Mom 2 since she and her fiancé Cole DeBeer went ahead to check some wedding venues in the last episode of the show. Chelsea had been gushing about getting married in the past few episodes and she made a joke about it and gave her fans an idea for a drinking game. She asked them to have a shot every time she would talk about getting married.

It is very clear that Chelsea is super excited about getting married. It is reported that the two of them are going to get married soon, but there are reports circling that hints at the fact that they have secretly gotten married already.

This report started when Cole DeBeer called Chelsea his wife on Instagram. The fans have left comments on the photo asking the two if they have secretly gotten hitched, but both of them haven’t replied.

Enstarz has reported that Chelsea and Cole are going to get married in a ceremony around fall. The couple haven’t declared the date yet and have made it very clear that they will not air the ceremony on Teen Mom 2. The fans would have surely loved to see Chelsea getting married to Cole, but Chelsea is very particular about keeping the most special day of her life, private.

In fact, it looks like MTV has been trying to pursue Chelsea to give in and allow them to air the wedding ceremony, but she has refused to budge from her decision. Chelsea is very particular about certain things and she has made it very clear that her decision isn’t going to change. Cole has also never been comfortable around the camera and hence he is happy with the decision that Chelsea has made.

In other news from Teen Mom 2, Jenelle Evans has come clean about her life. There has been a lot of speculation about engagement and pregnancy surrounding her, ever since she started dating David Eason. Jenelle Evans has come out to clear the air and has said that she neither pregnant and nor engaged.

She said that she is very happy in her life and would be getting engaged soon enough. The mother of two is currently having a custody battle with her mother for her six-year-old son, Jace and with her ex-fiancé, Nathan Griffith, for their one-year-old son, Kaiser.

The custody battle has involved even David Eason as fans saw. He was seen talking to Nathan Griffith in order to let him see Kaiser. Us Weekly reported the Eason was shown telling Jenelle about a text he had received from Nathan Griffith, asking if he could see his son.