Mr. Robot: Promos of the Next Episode Revealed, Music by Mac Quayle, and Much More!

Mac Quayle has become the go-to musician for shows requiring an unconventional sound. Fresh off an Emmy nomination for his work on American Horror story: Freak Show, Quayle scored the pilot episode of Ryan Murphy’ upcoming Scream Queens, and his electronics laden word on the first season of Mr. Robot has drawn wide praise and Vulture spoke to Quayle about scoring the show’s excellent first season, from what’s influenced its sound to Elliot’s personal theme.

During the initial talks between Sam Esmail and Mac Quayle, both of them agreed that it should be very electronic, and that will be the sound where no usage of real instruments will be there at all. There will be piano occasionally, a very processed piano sound, but the rest will very true to the original vision.

A promo video of the next episode shows Darlene handing Elliot a gun and tells him that she is being followed and she had managed to get the dangerous Chinese hacker group, the Dark Army, to agree to talk about their plan.

The video is titled “Trust No One” and Elliot says in the video that hackers inherently trust no one, including facing each other.

Images of Mr. Robot episode 8 has been posted on Screen Spy which shows Elliot having a heated discussion with Slater’s character and also Darlene is seen talking to the protagonist in one of the promo.

Mr. Robot has been approved for Season 2, which will air sometime in 2016.

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