Mortal Kombat X: Kombat Pack 2 to Launched atQ1 2016, New Challenges and Decors Added with the Thanksgiving Update!

There is a new mini-event going to be added in the game, instead of the usual Thanksgiving-themed items in the store. In the Thanksgiving 2015 update, there are five different prizes which are up for grabs.

They are The Vast Waistband Building, Heimlich Animation for Homer, the 360 Degree Buffet Table, the Turkey Stuffer and the King-sized Homer. There are some tasks that need to be completed in the mini-event in order to get the next prize. In most of the tasks, Homer will need to complete some specific tasks and make player collect drumsticks as well.

There are two ways in which the latter quest can be done. You can send particular characters to complete tasks that garner drumsticks and you can tap on NPC turkeys that turn them into drumsticks as well. In order to complete the Thanksgiving atmosphere, there are new items that have arrived in the store.

By accomplishing some easy tasks, Cornucopia can be attained and there will be some free items as well. 0.05 bonus cash can be granted by this item along with earning of XP. The 2015 Thanksgiving Event will be available until 1st December and the Christmas 2015 event will arrive after this event.

Stay tuned for more updates on Mortal Kombat X!