Mortal Kombat X Declared the Best-Selling Game of 2015, Gamers Wait For the Release of a Kombat Pack 2!

According to Fortune, Mortal Kombat X is the best-selling video game of 2015 and it beat Grand Theft Auto V and Battlefield Hardline which were in the No.2 and 3 spots respectively. That’s quite a big deal! The other games which made the list in random order are The Witcher 3, Minecraft, Batman Arkham Knight, and Super Smash Bros.

I don’t know about you guys but I’d have liked to see Witcher 3 on the top spot. NPD Group, a New York-based market research company conducted this report and they also compiled the physical sales of game copies for a plethora of platforms starting from January to June this year.

However, they excluded the digital copies of various titles that were sold on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. A reason behind Mortal Kombat X being boosted to the top could have been the addition of significant amounts of blood and gore.

However, fans of Mortal Kombat X, things could change in the end of 2015 but that being said, a Kombat Pack 2 might help prevent this title from getting dethroned.

In other news, a new unmasking mod is available for players of Mortal Kombat X. It allows the players to remove Torr’s mask and bag, Sub-Zero’s Revenant Mask, Erron Black bandana can be removed and Jason Voorhees can be uncovered with his hockey gear removed. You can check out the real faces of these notorious Mortal Kombat X characters from Dynasty’s YouTube video.

Stay tuned for more updates on Mortal Kombat X!