More DLC Characters to Be Introduced In Super Smash Bros 4 While Developers Try To Remove Glitches!

Nintendo is apparently in love with DLCs, and they aren’t treating their games with a hands-off approach anymore. Both Hyrule Warriors and Mario Kart 8 have seen well-received DLC packs, but it’s safe to say that gamers want Nintendo to focus on Super Smash Bros at the moment.

Right now, Super Smash Bros is great thanks to the many DLC packs that it has been receiving. During the latest 1.0.8 update, the game received new characters like Ryu from Street Fighter, Roy the Sword Fighter from Fire Emblem, and Lucas the Psychic from the Earthbound Series.

However, these three characters were not the only ones who were added through the latest DLC for Super Smash Bros 4. According to Director Masahiro Sakurai, more Super Smash Bros characters are on their way, and they will probably keep coming till gamers stop buying them.

Besides the new characters, the latest update also introduced new glitches and exploits. Sakurai stated that he and his team were working in the hardest possible manner to ensure that all these glitches and problems are properly removed in the due course of time.

At the same time, the developers have plans to keep adding more characters to suit the players’ tastes. The initial roster recently received Ryu, Mew Two added on top and the latter appeared as a special bonus character for the people who purchased the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U version of the game while others had to buy them.

Lucas, Roy, and Ryu were released at E3 this year, and there has mostly been a positive response towards these characters. Coming back to the glitches, recently an exploit was discovered surrounding the character Ryu.

According to Kotaku, Ryu can perform can perform an infinite combo on large characters like Charizard by utilizing his focus attack. The second glitch involves Pac-Man, and it allowed him to instantly vanquish anyone, even Giga-Bowser.

Earlier, there was a Pac-man glitch where the character had the ability to send the opponent flying through the stage using his trampoline attack. PEPESPAIN Smash Lab showed a video where Pac-Man can provide some strange properties to his fire hydrant when it is thrown to the ground with precise timing.

When it is done correctly, the fire hydrant will remain on the screen with an active hitbox instead of shooting out any water. This means that the enemy will get damaged anytime they come near it.

As a result, this gives Pac-Man some excellent edge-guarding abilities. The latest Pac-Man glitch makes enemies fall to their death. However, it doesn’t work on characters that can fly like Jigglypuff and Kirby.