Morality Police of Iran Go Tougher on Law-Breakers

The Morality Police of Iran have made the rules tighter and more grueling against the violators of Islamic guidelines across Tehran and many other major cities of Iran. A recent plan that obtained approval from Iran’s morality police bans people from wearing bad Hijab and stops them from taking their pets in the streets, especially dogs.

As per Brigadier General Ahmad-Reza Razdan, the Deputy Commander of the police of Iran and also the Tehran police’s chief, these rules and laws were framed as it was requested by the citizens of Iran. A majority of citizens of Iran have apparently expressed concern about the prevailing condition of Hijab in Tehran.

55% of the Iranian citizens were deeply concerned about the Hijab conditions and this pushed the Morality police to frame new guidelines and restrictions. As per the new rules, the noose is tightened on people who violate the Islamic rules. The morality police also stated that they respect the privacy of citizens, but at the same time they said they would make sure that none of its citizens go out of the way without following the rules and laws in place.

The areas that are earmarked for the new plan to be implemented are Khorasan, Shiraz, Isfahan, Gilan, Mazandaran, Kerman, and also some parts of Tehran and Alborz. Ahmad-Reza Razdan also stated that they have selected the elements in various cities where these missions are to be started and carried out.

The Brigadier General warned people against bringing pets into the streets. He also stated that taking pets out into the streets, women wearing bad Hijab, or improper behavior in the public are all against the Sharia law of Islam, and those found guilty will be tried under the Islamic law.

The religious and spiritual leaders of Iran strongly oppose pets and especially dogs. They are of the opinion that people who have pets are just trying to get westernized or copy the cultures of western countries and due to this, the result would be something negative as per the Sharia laws of Islam.