Misleading 24th April Launch Date for Apple Watch, New Watch Quest Game Built For It, And More

Hence, users will have to wait till June for the 31 different Apple Watch variations to be shipped. The device was first launched in September, and this is quite a massive delay. Although this might be the way a few companies work, so as to generate a lot of hype, it isn’t the signature Apple move. Ken Segall, the Apple ad guru, was perplexed regarding this surprising mode of operation from the company.

Segall took a strong stance and declared that the 24th April release date for the Apple Watch is completely misleading in nature. Apparently, very few models of the upcoming Apple Watch were decided to be launched on 24th April.  The Apple Watch Sports edition was unavailable from the beginning and will probably face a full-month delay.

In other news, Watch Quest, a game developed by Wayforward Technologies for the Apple Watch, will be released on 24th April along with the Sports edition of the device. It is an adventure based game that lives on the iPhone but plays on your wrist. Players will have to choose a hero and then select their adventure on the larger-screened IOS devices. After this, depending on how you wish to play, the game can be enjoyed actively or passively on the Apple Watch.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Apple Watch!