Misleading 24th April Launch Date for Apple Watch, New Watch Quest Game Built For It, And More

Last September when Tim Cook finally revealed the much-anticipated Apple Watch, it gave rise to a lot of rumors and speculations regarding the final launch of this device. In the beginning, all that was heard was an early 2015 launch date. However, it sounded rather vague, and people were not sure as to when they should exactly be expecting it. It could have been launched anytime from January to June. Then again, the rumor mill started churning out fresh speculations every week.

The rumors were coupled with possible release dates of the next iPod Touch. Initial reports suggested that Apple Watch would be launched in February. February came and went while people started hearing rumors about a March release. In the end, Apple ended all speculations with an official report confirming April 24th as the final release date of this device.

Last Friday, when the pre-orders for Apple Watch opened up, the highly anticipated wearable device got sold out within a matter of six hours. Meanwhile, the people who were lucky enough to press the order button after the pre-orders opened up are currently facing a 4-6 weeks shipping time. As a result, people who stayed up late for Apple Watch won’t get to experience it personally until mid-May at the earliest.

While, a few lucky customers are enjoying a shipping window of 24th April to 8th May. The availability problem is even worse for people who are ordering the watch at this moment. The latest reports suggest that all ten variations of the Aluminum Apple Watch with the Sports band won’t start shipping until late June.

In the meantime, among the 20 available variations of the stainless steel Apple Watch, only 7 of them will be shipped within 4-6 weeks. The remaining 12 will ship in June while the one remaining Space Black Stainless Steel Link Bracelet won’t be shipped until July. At the same time, all the eight different variations of the Apple Watch Edition aren’t shipping until June.