Minecraft’s New Story-Edition Is Interesting While Dedicated Fan Tries to Introduce Working Pokémon Red, More Information

A lot of missing features didn’t seem to be connected to the low-powered hardware. However, there was a feel of early-access alpha in the game and Minecraft is the inventor of that. The game has improved a lot in the recent years and with the application of new technology, there are a lot of amazing features that have been added to the game.

It was once a small world devoid of any monsters, nights, mines and crafting. However, at the moment, we have a world that is infinitely expanding and comes with a strong list of sunsets, creatures, lots of underground caves available for your spelunking needs and a beautifully detailed crafting system.

However, some important pieces are still missing and they make the game feel much more limited than the original PC version. The original Minecraft-Pocket Edition was lacking a lot of features that make the game so special

In the meantime, there was a recently a letter addressed to ‘Minecraft Villagers’ by a concerned parent. According to him, he can’t understand what the villagers actually are. They appear to have a basic human architecture but completely incapable of trading any goods.

The parent was quite humorous in his letter while sounding concerned at the same time. He further writes that his seven year old son does not treat the Minecraft Villagers like real people. ‘He places no value whatsoever in your life’.

According to him, his son recently slaughtered more than a dozen villagers when trying to get one of the villagers through a door. There was literally a massacre at the threshold and his son seemed indifferent about it. Check out this amazing blog here.

Stay tuned for more updates on Minecraft!