Mortal Kombat X Tremor DLC And Various Character Speculations for Kombat Pack 2, More Details

Presently, there are various reports which indicate that Tremor is not the last character for Mortal Kombat X DLC. According to rumors, there will be many more characters arriving in 2016. Reports from Crossmap suggest that there will be more than one DLC for Mortal Kombat X.

The rumor that Tremor will be the last character in Mortal Kombat X DLC sounds wrong. Since, there are rumors surrounding a Kombat Pack 2, there will be more characters added after Tremor.

A NetherRealm livestream indicated Tremor’s moves and Fatalities and the combination were referred to as Kombat Pack One. Jason Voorhees, Tanya, Predator and Tremor and costume packs were present in Kombat Pack One. Ed Boon, the director of Moral Kombat X confirmed that there will be a Kombat Pack 2 DLC.

In his Twitter account, he posted an image that includes four silhouettes with a caption ‘Who’s Next’. As stated by Christian Today, there was an official announcement posted on the official website by Warner Bros. Interactive and it talks about the release of a new DLC for the gaming franchise this month.

The declaration states, “Today Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment confirmed that NetherRealm Studios is developing new downloadable content (DLC) for ‘Mortal Kombat X,’ the best-selling game of 2015 to date according to US NPD.

The new content will include four new playable characters, skins and a new environment, all of which will be available in the first half of 2016”. At the same time, the Christian Today article that Rain, Fujin, Sindel, Sektor, Cyrax or Bo’ Rai Cho could be one of the characters in the DLC.

Meanwhile, Venture Capital Post states that NetherRealm studios are known for their big surprise introductions. According to the report, the comic book Spawn will be joining the list of Mortal Kombat X characters. Todd Macfarlane actually approved of this idea regarding the addition of this famous comic book icon for joining the fighters.

Tremor is the newest character available for Mortal Kombat Pack owners and Mortal Kombat X is now available for Xbox One, PC and PS4. At the moment, the last generation versions of the consoles are being produced. If you want to know about the next DLC characters, console owners will have to wait for Warner Bros. to announce the final official list.

The first Kombat Pack faced a lot of success and it allowed Mortal Kombat X players to enjoy four new characters in the form of downloadable content. Now reports suggest that four more characters are heading our way.

A $30 season pass made the first set of four characters available and at first it was called Kombat Pack but later changed to Kombat Pack 1.

Players could choose from buying the complete season pass or they could buy each character for $6. Meanwhile, there is a Kombat Pack 2 coming soon, again with a $30 season pass and it will bring four new additional players along with new skins.