Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Decide to Make Their Relationship Public, Miley Released Two Adorable 90s Photos Recently on Instagram!

Their last June 14 union was seen by fans in New York City. Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley’s dad, declared that Liam and his daughter are very happy with their relationship. The couple’s behavior and their Instagram photos clearly show how much in love they are. According to Teen Vogue, they are very happy and comfortable as a couple.

One should never mess with Workplace Warriors. A newly revealed, cut-for-time sketch, taken from the recent Saturday Night Live session, showed Miley Cyrus and her ladies taking on cigar-smoking misogynists. It takes place in an ad, shot for a fake WE show known as Women Workplace Warriors.

It was fun seeing Miley Cyrus hosting an episode back in October 2015, wearing a 80s women power suit. One of the best moments in the sketch, came during the three minute mark. A stunt doesn’t go as planned and we see Kate McKinnon start cracking up.

The clip is also one in a sketch-series never seen before. It is being released by Saturday Night Live over the summer till the show comes back in fall. Earlier, the show revealed extra footage taken from their Star Wars auditions sketch. It revealed a new clip, showing Chris Hemsworth.

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