Mila Kunis: Denies Rumors of a Split with Ashton Kutcher, Rekindles Friendship with Macaulay Culkin!

Mila Kunis had struggled with chronic iritis inflammation that caused her to suffer from cataract and bad vision. She had been blind on one eye for a very long time and hadn’t revealed to the public.

However, the actress recently had a Heterochromia Iridis performed on her, which saw a new lens being placed in to correct her blindness. This ended up giving her two different eye colors.

Mila Kunis has brown left eyes and green right eye. This has now become her beauty trademark, but it was an operation that gave them to her.

Her chronic iritis inflammation was hereditary and is associated with congenital syndrome. Mila Kunis isn’t the only celebrity to have suffered from the disease. She has David Bowie, Jane Seymour, Kate Bosworth and Henry Cavill for company.

Mila Kunis is currently shooting for Bad Moms in New Orleans. The story is about a mother who has been going on performing the same duties everyday with no complaints, when she finally decides to give up on her responsibilities and have some fun with two other moms.

Kunis is regularly visited at the location by her husband and baby daughter, Wyatt. The couple are even planning a second baby and might reveal the news soon.

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