Mila Kunis: Denies Rumors of a Split with Ashton Kutcher, Rekindles Friendship with Macaulay Culkin!

The internet is filled with rumors of Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher heading to divorce each other. The reason for divorce? It looks like Ashton Kutcher had gone to a massage parlor in Los Angeles and had asked for more than just a massage session. This news has been denied by Mila Kunis herself and the representative of Ashton Kutcher, but it doesn’t seem to die down.

Mila Kunis supposedly was devastated when she found out that Ashton Kutcher had gone to a seedy massage parlor in Los Angeles called Ancient Therapy Massage Parlor. The massage parlor is known for its notorious reputation and the very fact that Ashton Kutcher had been photographed coming out of the place had created a huge buzz.

Mila Kunis had put her foot down and supposedly had said that she will not be able to be in a marriage where such things happen. There are numerous reports stating that the star couple are not breaking up and that there is no problem in their marriage because Kutcher had gone to a place of ill-repute.

His representative has come out to make it very clear that Ashton Kutcher had gone to the Thai massage parlor only for a massage and any other report on the same are completely false. Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are still together and that their relationship isn’t weak enough to fall apart because of such reasons.

However, the media doesn’t seem to give them any peace of mind. They feel that if there are such widespread reports of divorce circulating around Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher then there is some level of truth in it.

In order to make her presence felt and give it back to Ashton Kutcher for making a joke of their marriage, she has supposedly decided to head out and become friends with an ex-boyfriend.

Jobs & Hire has now come up with a report that Mila Kunis has rekindled her friendship with her ex-boyfriend Macaulay Culkin. The reason for the sudden move? Her troubled marriage with her husband, Ashton Kutcher. Mila Kunis supposedly felt bad for Macaulay Culkin and his failed career and had gotten in touch with him to cheer him up.

Rumor Fix reported that this move on the part of Mila Kunis hadn’t gone down well with Ashton Kutcher and that he felt threatened about it. It was seen as a move on the part of Mila Kunis where she tries and teaches Ashton Kutcher a lesson for digressing and hitting the massage parlor.

Mila Kunis supposedly is going to go all out to help Macaulay Culkin revive his career. It makes her very sad that while they started out at the same time that he couldn’t do much for himself while she has become an A-list star in Hollywood. She wants to use her power and position in the industry to do whatever she can for him.

It is believed that in order to chalk out a way to handle Macaulay Culkin’s dead career, Mila Kunis and he have met up on regular occasions. The two have become very friendly and this isn’t sitting right with Ashton Kutcher.

He doesn’t like the fact that even after so many years, Mila Kunis still seems to harbor some feelings for Culkin is going all out to help him.

However, there are reports suggest that these claims are all false. Mila Kunis might have started being friendly with Macaulay Culkin again, but the two are just friends. Ashton Kutcher is very confident of Mila Kunis and he isn’t threatened by any man in her life.