Midseason Finale Of Unreal Season 2 Sees Rachel Shine, Freddie Stroma Joins The Cast, Shiri Appleby Talks About Directing And Her Role!

UnReal Season 2 is going to see a Harry Potter alum joining the cast. Freddie Stroma might not have made a name for himself in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, where he played the role of the conceited Quidditch player. Cormac McLaggen might have started his career with Harry Potter, but he clearly didn’t become a household name until his abs hit the headlines in Pitch Perfect.

Stroma has been struggling to make a mark for himself as an actor for a while now, and it was with UnReal that he could attain it. UnReal is making a mark for itself in among the viewers since it brings to the forefront the murky world of reality television. UnReal has been penned down by Sarah Gertrude Shapiro, who happens to be the former producer for The Bachelor.

She brings to the television audience the behind the scene world of a reality television that is very similar to The Bachelor, and this is where Freddie Stroma comes in. He will play the role of Adam, a British aristocrat who joins the cast of Everlasting, the reality television series that is being depicted in UnReal Season 2 in an attempt to get rid of his image as the party boy.

UnReal Season 2 might show Adam trying to make a change in his image, to get back his place as the heir to the hotel empire that he is destined to. In real life, he has ended up meeting his fiancée, Johanna Braddy, on the show. Ironically in the television series, Braddy’s character leaves him at the altar.

It looks UnReal Season 2 has already shaped his career in a positive manner since he was cast as Dickon Tarly in the recently ended Game of Thrones Season 6 and is soon going to feature as H.G. Wells in Time After Time.

Things are about to get serious in UnReal Season 2 since TV Line reported that Rachel (Shiri Appleby) is likely to suffer from a nervous breakdown after being struck by her ex-boyfriend. Actress Shiri Appleby has her hands full as Rachel, who is the producer of Everlasting, but in real life, Appleby also got to direct the latest episode of UnReal Season 2.

She said that she doesn’t only connect with Rachel, but also connects with the characters of Quinn (Constance Zimmer) and the whole chemistry between Madison and Jay. Even Dr. Wagerstein had a crucial role to play in the particular episode.

Appleby came out to talk about her directorial venture and said that while she might have been in the director’s chair for the episode, her character of Rachel had a lot of things going on in the same episode. She had to master the challenge of how to direct and act at the same time.

Talking about her love for directing, Shiri Appleby said that apart from directing some of the episodes of UnReal Season 2, she is interested in working with Famous in Love, which airs on Freeform. The story for the series is based on the lives of young adult Hollywood stars, and it is something that Appleby can instantly connect to.

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