Microsoft Surface Pro 4 in the Pipeline, Details Unavailable, And More!

Apple, on the other hand, is determined to outsell Microsoft in global sales and is hence leaving no stone unturned in the Research and Development phase of the iPad Pro. According to numerous autonomous reports, statistics suggest that the sale of PCs and laptops will fall by 9% this fiscal year due to the rising demand for more portable alternatives. Microsoft is the current favorite thanks to their robust reputation established over the years. Apple will have a hard time winning the throne this time, as initial reports claim that the Surface Pro 4 packs in better hardware than the iPad Pro.

Apple lost 22% of its iPad sales in the last quarter and the figures could fall further if Apple doesn’t come up with a way to woo potential buyers. Apple has more on stake at the moment and they plan on hitting the right chords with the market at least on one accord. Their alternate offering is the latest MacBook, which saves 30% more energy and is 24% thinner than its predecessor! These aspects might look fascinating on paper, performance matters.

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