Microsoft Launches Windows 10 Mobile Update, Changes In The Lock Screen, US Bank Joins Microsoft Wallet, Update Will Depend On Device And Region

The Windows 10 update is also going to see US Bank adding their support to Microsoft Wallet. While the Windows 10 update is going to bring in these changes for the operating system, the Microsoft Wallet can only be used in the latest devices like Lumia 650, 950 and 950 XL. Users with an older version aren’t going to be able to make use of the feature.

MS Power User reported that since Microsoft Wallet is currently available only in the US, users with Windows 10 in other countries will not be able to avail this.

Windows 10 update is also going to see file sharing app SHAREit get an update. The app has been showing a lot of glitches in the recent past when it comes to sharing of files between different devices. The new update is going to make sure that the transmission bug is fixed.

SHAREit now allows users to share files and folders between PC and mobile devices. When users want to connect their PCs to their mobile, they have to scan the QR code that gets displayed on the SHAREit PC app. The update is going to be rolled out soon enough.

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