Microsoft Launches Windows 10 Mobile Update, Changes In The Lock Screen, US Bank Joins Microsoft Wallet, Update Will Depend On Device And Region

Microsoft has announced that they are going to launch the Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update on all the devices across the world. This news hasn’t been met with a lot of excitement since the update doesn’t pack a large number of features.

The Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update doesn’t have as many new features as the desktop version that was released this month. In saying that, there are some tweaks that have been incorporated.

According to Express, the Windows 10 Mobile update has brought in a new shortcut for the camera. This allows the camera icon to be placed on the lock screen, making it easier for users to access it. Windows 10 mobile update has also brought in a new control for the media player, which helps users from pausing and skipping songs on the playlist without having to unlock the device.

Given the craze for fingerprint readers, Microsoft has come forward to introduce this feature in their Windows 10 mobile update. The update also brings in different emojis that can be used during texting. The Skype app for video calling has also been revamped with the Windows 10 mobile update.

Microsoft is slowly rolling out the recent update to all the mobile devices in different phases. The notification for the Windows 10 mobile update should automatically come, but for those users who haven’t got the notification, they can manually check if the update is available on their Windows phone by heading to Settings.

Microsoft has made it clear that the update for the Windows 10 mobile is going to depend on the manufacturer, the model number of the device and the region. The recent update is also going to depend on the service provider. There are several other factors like hardware limitations that might stop a particular Windows mobile phone from getting the particular update.

The update from Windows is going to bring in different minor changes that will enhance the user experience profoundly. Microsoft is going to bring in a feature called the Dark Mode that will help conserve the battery life of the device while also giving the users’ eye some rest. Users with the Windows 10 mobile update can enable this new feature through Personalization.

The Windows 10 update is also going to make swapping between different audio devices easy. The user no longer has to go through the Settings option to choose between different audio modes. They can easily access the audio setting through the speaker symbol on the task bar.

Microsoft has always been accused of springing updates on users without them getting to choose if they want to go with it or not. This is where Windows 10 Anniversary Update is going to set things right.

Microsoft will stop springing in new updates for the home computer with Active Hours. Users can now pick if they want to go for the update and when they want to go for it.

The Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update is also bringing in some changes in Cortana. The users of the device can now write down notes on their phone to save them as Sticky Notes, and can also use more advanced voice commands to start Cortana.

The tiles in Windows 10 will get a new look with the Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update. When users click on any of the app tiles, they will get a live preview of the app content. The tiles aren’t directly going to open the app as it would previously do.