Michael Schumacher Facing a Tremendously Slow Recovery Period, Vettel Pays Tribute to This F1 Hero, And More

Right now, people are asking whether he will fully recover. Professor Jean-Francois Payen operated on the champion following his accident. According to Express, Payen, accompanied by a medical team of 15 have been taking care of Michael Schumacher 24 hours a day. Presently, a special clinic has been built in Michael Schumacher’s family home that allows reputed medical experts to treat the racer. Express also states that Schumacher is massaged every hour in order to stimulate his muscle mass.

According to Payen, Michael’s wife has been very strong and supportive during his recovery period. She has displayed an exceptional level of willpower in every aspect possible. She is aware of the seriousness of this situation along with the long, tiresome road that lay ahead of them. Schumacher’s wife makes every effort and looks at things quite clearly while providing anything to improve the condition of her husband.

Meanwhile, Sebastian Vettel quickly admitted that winning the Malaysian Grand Prix, his victory for Ferrari was made extremely special due to their association with his hero, Michael Schumacher. The German said that it was an amazing experience to stand on the podium while looking down and noticing the incredible atmosphere. He recalls the victories that Fernando had with Ferrari and especially the ones that Michael Schumacher celebrated with the team. He declared that being a part of this team, is special.

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