Michael Schumacher Facing a Tremendously Slow Recovery Period, Vettel Pays Tribute to This F1 Hero, And More

Michael Schumacher woke up from his coma, but his family is still going through a lot of hardships involving his possible recovery.  Latino Post reports that this legendary racer is being treated in his Swiss Mansion near Lake Geneva. According to an insider report to Express UK, Michael Schumacher is presently mute but still has full awareness of his surroundings.

According to the insider, the progress is extremely slow with no silver lining or miracle in the horizon. Due to the extreme level of secrecy maintained by his family, the current state of the F1 World Champion is still unknown to the public.

According to Latino Post, his family declared a complete blackout during this time, especially in the recovery period. Meanwhile, a consultant neurological and spine surgeon, Peter Hamlyn, attempts to provide a little insight involving Schumacher’s current conditions.

According to Hamlyn, the fact that is torturing the family is also torturing the public. It revolves around his progress, which is extremely slow and equally uncertain. Earlier, we saw people trying to provide details on his present condition, and they usually end up being sued. Hence, people are keeping their ears trained on any new information regarding his physical and mental condition.

Hamlyn is an expert in head injuries and reports that people who have suffered serious head injuries will require years to ensure a good recovery. He added in the middle that it’s not applicable in all cases, but usually in most. He further explained that the first few months are dominated by various questions regarding survival.

While the weeks and months keep passing by, the questions simply related to survival, turn into those involving the quality of survival. Michael Schumacher’s family has now reached a point where questions regarding his quality of survival are being raised. After his ski accident at Meribel on 29th December 2013, Schumacher survived and later woke up from his coma.