Michael Lohan Jr Talks About Lindsay Lohan’s Boyfriend Egor Tarabasov Being a Positive Influence!

The magazine reported that Lindsay Lohan had to sell off some of her expensive items of clothing before she could even manage a ticket to come to London and didn’t have a place to stay after she had reached the city. Lohan supposedly borrows from her rich friends and hopes to get by with help from them frequently.

These claims have all been denied since the Star Magazine has previously run news about Lindsay Lohan and that had turned out to be completely false and baseless. Lindsay Lohan is working in London and she is earning for herself. She might not be very well off, but she definitely has enough money to get by easily.

In other news from Lindsay Lohan, it seems like the starlet isn’t interested in returning to the Hollywood film industry. Lohan is well aware of the reputation she has and she doesn’t think that it’s going to change anytime soon. Lohan has been having a tough time getting work even though she has change her lifestyle and has been doing pretty well in the Broadway.

In order to save herself from the rejection, Lohan has decided to not return to the industry. She has powerful friends, who might help her do something in life. While there is no official announcement on this, it looks like it is really given that Lindsay Lohan has no projects lined up for the future.

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