Member of Congress Questions Oculus Rift’s ToS, Console Wars Are Imminent with Rival Offerings like Playstation VR and HTC Vive!

Meanwhile, based on a sampling of over 2000 US teens and adults older than 13 who play video games, only 37 percent of US gamers have heard about the eight virtual reality headsets which were covered in the report. As expected, people knew Oculus Rift the most but even then, only 22 percent were aware of its existence and literally what it is.

On a surprising note, the Google Cardboard, that looks almost the same as its sounds, pulled in second place with a whopping 18 percent.

Sadly, the HTC Vive, the most advanced of the Virtual Reality headsets and featuring some exciting technology didn’t really reach a lot of gamers. Only 6 percent have heard about it so far. According to the report, the console and mobile gamers are the ones interested in finding about it and PC gamers pulled in a modest 38 percent.

Teens were among the least interested and only 15 percent of them expressed any knowledge whatsoever, regarding the tech. From the looks of it, VR will gradually become more popular over time. For example, Steam already emblazoned the words ‘VR IS HERE’ on the home page banner.

Stay tuned for more updates on Oculus Rift!