Warcraft Character Posters Revealed, Spoilers Point Towards a Trilogy!

Warcraft will premiere on the silver screen this coming June and from the looks of it, we will be seeing a lot of Warcraft movies in the future. Universal Studios halted the production of Pacific Rim 2 and furthermore, Warcraft Movie went through some changes.

It was further mentioned by Universal Studios that the release date of Warcraft will be moved to 10th June, 2016, primarily because of competition, as cited by FanSided. According to the latest news regarding the movie, Universal considers Warcraft (and also Zhang Yimou’s The Great Wall) to be a problematic movie.

Moreover, the trade doesn’t really explain why Universal is so specifically concerned. However, it needs to be noted that Warcraft’s budget will probably be in the 9-figure range and as a result, it will need to make a lot of money simply to break even.

However, Warcraft Director Duncan Jones took the release-date change on a positive note and according to him, the upcoming Warcraft movie actually deserves a summer date.

Duncan Jones said, “Got good news & bad news. Uni have decided Warcraft deserves to be a summer flick. Yay! Bad news, that means we have to wait till June 2016!” Furthermore, he added that he is confident about Universal Studio’s confidence in the movie.

At first the upcoming Warcraft movie was set to release on December 2015 but after the announcement of Star Wars Episode VIII release date, all movies booked near the Star Wars date were moved and this included ‘Warcraft’ the movie.

After that, Warcraft the Movie moved to March but people came to know that Batman vs. Superman Dawn of Justice is set to be released on the same month. This includes The Divergent Series: Allegiant Series Part 1.

This includes the fact that the Warcraft movie is highly CGI-filled and the people-in-charge of the upcoming movie’s CGI are the same people who were in charge of Star Wars’ CGI. We can also expect the upcoming Warcraft movie is legendary. Duncan Jones further shared to 2p.com that from the moment he first talked to Blizzard, the plan was to start the film with the first time Orcs met Humans.

He further continued, “….First contact! I think that for a world with so much newness to explain, this was a wise choice, especially when so many people in our audience may not know anything about Warcraft. He further pointed out that it was interesting how some of the characters would be seeing the world fresh as well.

This will allow the audience to see the situation through their eyes. Anduin Lothar, who plays Ragnar Lothbrok in the TV Series, shared some details regarding the upcoming movie’s fighting scenes.

He told CraveOnline, “Warcraft is very motion capture-oriented and special effects-orientated and we wear costumes that I couldn’t get through a door with all the armor. You can’t lift your arms above your head with that on, but Vikings is a bit more natural with the fighting.”

Meanwhile, two more Warcraft character posters were released by Universal Studios and Legendary Pictures. They featured Ben Foster’s Medivh and Ben Schnetzer’s Khadgar and they can be viewed online.

It has been titled Warcraft: The Beginning internationally and this film will be released overseas on 25th May and on 10th June, it will be released in North America.

Warcraft is an epic-adventure featuring world-colliding conflict that is based on Blizzard Entertainment’s global phenomenon. Azeroth is on the brink of war and its civilization faces a fearsome race of invaders.