Megan Fox: Has Brilliant Comic Timing Says the Executive Producer of New Girl, Spotted with Family, Not Part of Transformers 5!

The couple have always come together in a united front for their little boys and it was no different on that day. They lunched together like a happy couple and while Megan Fox took hold of Noah’s hand, Brian handled the perambulator with Bodhi in it.

Megan Fox became a household name with Transformers where she starred along with Shia LeBouf. With Transformers 5 coming out soon, there was a lot of talks about Megan Fox will star in it.

Michael Bay is back in the director’s role for the upcoming installment and since Megan Fox and Bay had cleared their bad blood, there were rumors that she will be back to reprise her role in the Transformer’s franchise.

Youth Health Magazine reported that Megan Fox might not be up for a major role in Transformers 5, but she would rather in it for a small cameo role. However, by the looks of it, even that isn’t going to happen.

Megan Fox had reportedly said that she would consider being a part of the franchise if Shia LeBouf joins her, but after the way LeBouf had bad mouthed the franchise on the internet, it doesn’t look like Paramount Pictures is going to be willing to take him in.

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