Matthew Perry: Third Time Lucky With the Odd Couple, Fixated on Mila Kunis!

When asked how he feels about being part of something as big as F.R.I.E.N.D.S, he said that even when they were working on it they knew it was something special. He was only 24 years old when it happened, and he knows that he will never be able to be a part of something that special ever again.

Matthew Perry, who has previously dated Hollywood’s sweetheart Julia Roberts is currently single. He has been romantically linked to actors Neve Campbell, Lizzy Caplan and Lauren Graham; who plays the role of his ex-wife in The Odd Couple.

Perry loves kids, and he is the godfather of a few of them, but he hopes to become a father one day. He joked and said that he knows he can be a good father, but before that he just needs to follow one step, and that is to be able to get a second date.

When asked what kind of women appeal to him, Perry said that he is currently fixated on Mila Kunis. When it was said that Mila Kunis is Ashton Kutcher’s fiancée and currently unavailable, Perry said that it is fine, but that still doesn’t stop her being cute. Perry said that beautiful interesting women always help a man become a better person.