Matthew Perry: Third Time Lucky With the Odd Couple, Fixated on Mila Kunis!

Matthew Perry’s Chandler became a household name after he played the iconic role in F.R.I.E.N.D.S. He had never quite been able to break out of the Chandler mode, until recently when he went ahead and chose a character that was very unlike Chandler.

In the recently modernised version of The Odd Couple, Matthew Perry decided to take up the role of Oscar Madison, a sports podcaster. When asked why he chose Oscar instead of Felix, who is more like Chandler, Perry said that he was more of an Oscar in real life.

Matthew Perry stars alongside Thomas Lennon in the series. Lennon plays the role of Felix Unger and according to Perry, he is like Felix in real life. Perry said that Lennon actually carries Listerine with him in real life and also Purell and uses it right after he shakes hands with someone.

Since he played Chandler Bing in F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Perry hasn’t been very successful in his other television ventures. However, it looks like third time is lucky for him. After failed attempts with Studio 60 and Sunset Strip, Matthew Perry has again made a mark on television with The Odd Couple.

Perry plays the role of a slob, Oscar opposite the ultimate neat freak Felix. Unlike Oscar, Perry hasn’t been comfortable in his skin always. He battled addiction and had gone to rehab twice during F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

He says that the problems in his life are well documented, and he uses them as springboard to try and become better. He believes that if one doesn’t learn from their mistake then they are doomed to be lost in a dark zone in life.

Perry, who is the spokesman for the National Association of Drug Court in the US, believes in living for the others. He says that he loves to communicate with people. He revealed in an interview that people who live in the right way are like mirrors and help others in choosing the right path.