Mass Effect Andromeda: Latest Updates and Rumors, Director Chris Wynn Leaves BioWare, Will It Have an Effect On the Game? Let’s See

However, it should be kept in mind that the company must have had a contingency plan for such an emergency and thus it is unlikely that Wynn’s departure will have any significant effects on Andromeda. It was previously confirmed that over 200 people are currently working on the upcoming game.

Chris Wynn has been roped in as the executive producer of H1Z1, a zombie survival game from Daybreak Games. Wynn himself announced this on his Twitter account and also stated that Andromeda is in good hands and the developers at BioWare are talking ample time to polish the game to perfection before it is finally released.

Colin Campbell, the lead level designer at BioWare stated that the team has to maintain a healthy communication to avoid any sorts of confusion and commotion, especially when so many persons are associated. He pointed out that good communication is an essential element in the development process of the game.

Chris Wynn had previously stated that the game won’t have any of the past characters of previous Mass Effect games. He said that it will have a completely new setting while also pointing out that fans of the series will not feel uncomfortable with the changes that will be featured in it.

Stay tuned for more update on Mass Effect Andromeda.