Martin Racing To Finish The Winds Of Winter, Expected To Be Around October!

George R.R Martin is probably going to skip a Comic-Con appearance to add finishing touches to his next book, The Wind of Winters. Fans are disappointed but given the reason for the absence, they will happily accept it. The famous author has asked himself to be excused from the World Fantasy Convention to be held in Saratoga because he wants to work on the sixth book in the ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ series, which has been long overdue.

When asked why he is taking so much of time completing the book that the fans are impatiently waiting for, he said that it’s because he is travelling a lot and making appearances after the immense popularity of the Game of Thrones series, based on his novel.

He can never work when he is on the airplane or in a hotel room, he needs to be home and working on his table and this has caused him to push back the completion, but now he feels that he needs to devote time and finish the job.

Fans who had plans to meet their favorite author at the San Diego Comic-Con will also be disappointed because the 66-year-old author has decided to scratch his appearance there as well.

Martin in his blog, Not a Blog, wrote that if he could complete The Winds of Winter, prior to the Comic-Con then he would surely revoke his plans to be absent. This statement has created a major buzz because this means that the sixth book is almost done, and Martin might be able to finish it off before the end of this year.

Martin had already taken to his blog to tell his fans that he is sorry for the constant rescheduling of the release date for The Winds of Winter. He knows how irritating it is, and it pisses everyone off. Although he has taken six years to complete the previous installments in the series, he has promised to deliver the next two books in line within two years.