Married At First Sight: Jamie And Doug Struggles, Cortney And Jason Spice It Up, Alex And Zoe Starts On A New Journey, More Details

Cortney and Jason have been in love since the first day and even with Jason appearing for a New York fire fighter calendar, he had his wife Cortney rooting for him and buying his calendar to support the cause. The two have been like the best of friends and so madly in love.

The third couple that’s going to be a part of the show is Alex Garner and Zoe Hendrix. The fans never thought that theirs would be a marriage that would last beyond the show, but it is still going strong.

Zoe had been very critical on her wedding day and it seemed like she would call quits, but then she fell in love as well and now Alex is going to accompany her while she searches for her birth family.

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